About Hide N Seek


Hide N Seek is a fun arcade game based on the classic hide and seek game. Your mission is to find your children around the house to win and proceed to the next levels.

If you want to relive your childhood memories, try Hide N Seek, a simulation of the legendary hide-and-seek game associated with generations of children. This is a simple game in which you and other players are in a house and you play the seeker. You will have to quickly find a hiding person. Otherwise, the searcher will not be able to see anyone. This means that to effectively play as a seeker, you will need to constantly move and change directions to surprise the hider.

Complete your objectives in the game

The rule of Hide N Seek is so simple. Your children will hide, and you will seek. To find them, look about all areas of the house and explore every room and cupboard. When the level goes, there are more kids to find, and the search area is bigger. When it gets to that point, you might need some assistance. Besides, Kitten Hide and Seek is also a game with similar gameplay, and equally attractive. Check it out and enjoy the game!

Some notes for you

Using power-ups

If you wish to make the game easier, you have an option of 2-3 bonuses at the end of the round. Hide N Seek gives you some very useful and interesting power-ups. Use a compass, stick, x-ray, or a dog to track down the kids' position. In addition, each child's childhood has played this fascinating game. Remember the tips to quickly find the kids? Don't overlook any area of the house. They love to hide in cabinets, behind doors, under tables, or many other hidden areas.

How to play

  • Move mouse = look around
  • Left-click = interact with the objects and kids
  • WASD = move
  • Double Esc = show cursor