Description is an engaging action game from the publisher Lora Studio. We will be controlling superheroes and competing with friends from all over the world.

Indeed, can be called an online game. The character system of the game is extremely rich. The characters include screen heroes that have been familiar to generations of viewers. In addition, the infamous villains are also present in this game. All are familiar faces that everyone adores. Now, your task is to defeat other characters and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

In this io game genre, the goal is always interesting. The score will show your strength. Playing with the mouse is a common way to play. Quickly tap the Play button on the Menu bar to start your adventure. A small size will be your start.

However, you have up to 2 options to increase your size. Firstly, you can consume colorful balls of energy that are always present around you. The second is that you can beat other players. This option brings a lot of experience points, but it is also fraught with risks. When in the game, everyone wants to be the strongest and the best. All focused on finding each other's loopholes to attack.

You will become other characters when you reach higher levels. At the same time, the attack range of these characters is also extended. What's more, you will receive a handsome reward for killing an opponent. Take advantage of bonuses to upgrade your character's strength stats and find the next victory. Remember, don't give in.
The contest is fun and exciting! Why not try our hugely popular Bob the Robber games? Have fun!

Features of

  • 30 unique characters to play
  • There are three distinct upgrades available
  • Controls are simple
  • Multiplayer online gaming
  • Colorful 2D visual

How to play

  • You can use your mouse to play this game.