About Noob vs 1000 Zombies!


Noob vs 1000 Zombies! is a fascinating and fun adventure that includes everything from zombies to the background of archery competitions. Are you ready to fight them?

This action game will appeal to Minecraft enthusiasts who are searching for a little fun because of its wacky characters and story. The sheep are bleating in pain as Noob, a kind-hearted and innocent drug user, is once rolling about on the ground. You are being approached by the dead! They took Noob's treasured flock of sheep and set the woods on fire. This cannot continue!

Join Noob on an adventure in a 2D pixel-art setting that was inspired by Minecraft. It is possible to hunt the zombies on a sheep, shoot them with arrows, build traps to kill the zombies, and search for hidden mines. Can you kill every zombie and save your fluffy companions at the same time? In this enthralling and lavish rescue story inspired by the Minecraft Noob skin, collect money and valuable goods, unlock animated films, and enjoy the various jokes and humorous actions.

Playing pointers:

Beginners are sometimes mocked for their excitement for digging in the ground, for using poor equipment, for their propensity to become stuck in the tunnel they have just made, or for having the ability to tunnel all the way to a lava lake or a network of caves where there are criminals. However, don't worry about it. Since learning the rules of each new game necessitates making errors, millions of new players perish needlessly each year. To assist new players avoid the most typical beginning errors and rapidly get more used to the game, gamers have produced a wide variety of videos, tutorials, and instructions.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to release the arrow.