Money Movers 3


Money Movers 3 is the third volume of the Money Movers series. You have to catch prisoners by cooperating with your Dog and handcuffing them.

Welcome to the world of Money Movers! If you are a fan of this game series, you can not absolutely miss this new series because of its interesting features and mechanics.

In this game, you have to control two characters simultaneously by using WASD for Guard and Arrow Keys for Dog. Guard and Dog need to work together to capture prisoners. Scare prisoners with the Dog and handcuff them with the guard. The gameplay is simple and suitable for all ages. In particular, you can invite your friends or relatives to enjoy this game. Money Movers 3 will bring you great and fun moments. Have fun!

Features of Money Movers 3

  • Simple and exciting gameplay
  • Cooperation game
  • Various levels with many different maps

How to play

Guard controls

  • Use the WASD keys to move.

Dog controls

  • Use arrow keys to move.