About Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 Japan


Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 Japan is the next volume of the Bob The Robber series based on the Japan theme. You must steal money under the protection of guards.

A new version of Bob The Robber has been relaunched. There are no normal buildings or Russian infrastructure, but Japanese houses. Japan is famous for its unique culture with significant and special houses. Now, you can experience these houses, which is not easy to try in reality.

Your mission is still to steal all money in the building under the protection of cameras, guards, and even zombies. Steal successfully and complete all levels. Note that you are invisible when standing in shadow without moving. Don't forget the first version of Bob The Robber and new versions are waiting for you to discover!

Features of Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 Japan

  • Exciting game based on the Japanese theme
  • Level up
  • Various obstacles, including cameras, zombies, and guards

Complete the robbery in Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 Japan

This game is a new journey in a noble house in Japan. You will still have to face guards, zombies, and landlords, in addition, you need to pay attention to avoid the cameras. You should hide in the dark and wait until the guards lose attention and take them down. Your mission is to get the jade comb in the inventory of this house. You should remember that this is a noble house, so you will have to go far to get it. You have to move between floors in the house, so make sure you have a clear plan of the house so you don't get lost. You've done many successful robberies, so don't let your reputation fail this time. Play Bob The Robber 4: Season 3 Japan and extend your reputation.

How to play

  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to interact
  • R to restart the game