Bob The Robber 5: The Temple Adventure


Bob The Robber 5: The Temple Adventure is an exciting game in which you have to explore an ancient temple to steal coins while avoiding zombies and cameras.

This game is the new version of the Bob The Robber series with the ancient temple background. You will transform into a thief and steal all coins in the temple while escaping safely from detecting cameras, guards, and zombies.

You can knock down zombies and guards when finding money. There are many locks that require keys or codes. Pay attention to pages to find code. Stand in shadow without moving to be invisible to cameras, guards, and zombies. If you feel this 5th version is too difficult, you can try the first version of Bob The Robber to gradually improve your skills. This series of games is very suitable for you to relax and relieve boredom. Get started and enjoy!

Features of Bob The Robber 5: The Temple Adventure

  • The Bob The Robber series 
  • Ancient temple theme
  • Level up 

How to play

  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to interact