About Moto X3M Pool Party


Moto X3M Pool Party includes a ton of great levels and exhilarating stunts. Don your cycling attire and get your helmet now! Are you prepared for a struggle. Nothing like this pool party has ever been seen before! As you ride your bike around loops and down dangerous roads, try to reach the finish line unscathed. The crowd is joyful, and the sun is out. But now is your moment to excel!

You must navigate through a dangerous and exhilarating racing circuit with various deadly dangers and stunts in the explosive bike trial game Moto X3M Pool Party. If you're looking for a monotonous motocross race, stay away from here. With all of its surprises, this race will keep you on your toes. You, a brave rider, must also face several other threats, like bombs, spikes, long falls, and more. Start the engines, put your helmet on, and test your mettle to make it through the 22 dangerous levels. Each level's objective is to complete the racing course without dying. X3M Moto Be careful because there are many lethal traps during the pool party! As you climb the toughest portions of the course, keep your momentum going. You may do stunts while in the air to increase your score total. You don't like how your biker now appears. Three distinct riders are available for selection. The choice comes down to personal preference since everyone has equal cycling skills. The enthusiastic crowd won't give your looks a second consideration. They are merely there to watch you quickly flip and jump! Show them that you are the most skilled biker in the world as you do each trick with ease.

How to play

Using the WASD keys to control the bike.