About Kitten Hide and Seek


Kitten Hide and Seek is a humorous running game that requires fast thinking to assist the little girl hide from the big cat. Do you avoid the cat's gaze?

To help a cute cartoon girl hide from the family cat in a large kitchen, Kitten Hide and Seek asks you to play. The cat in the home now sees you as a mouse since you are much shorter than when you woke up. Let's see whether you can resist being encircled by paws for a certain amount of time!

The girl wants to gather a certain item for her little home within the hollow tree in each round of this cat game in the manner of an anime. She's no bigger than your thumb, so whenever she creeps into the kitchen, she needs to be really careful that the cat doesn't see her.

Run across the countertop and duck behind the vases, cookie jars, charm pouches, and tissue boxes every time the cat pokes its head over the edge of the counter. With its brilliant, reflected laser eyes, the cat will search the surface for any young females. Make sure she is hidden from the cat's view.

You'll slow down or fall if you don't watch out for the oil and honey puddles. In order to decorate the girl's home, gather money and conserve stars. You may stop by her home at the end of each round to see the improvement.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to play.
  • Tap and hold to stop and crouch when hidden behind an object.