About Boxing Random


Boxing Random is a two-player boxing game with physics-based gameplay that RHM Interactive produces. Let's play this fun game with your pals and get high scores. This sporting event is unlike anything you have ever seen. You and a friend might take a seat in front of the computer and battle to see who is the greatest boxer. If you'd rather to show off your skills and challenge the AI's intellect, you may also play against the CPU. Your fingers are now ready, so the game may start!

Nothing by coincidence occurs in this exciting sport. The best player who prevails after five rounds takes first place. You should be persistent and subtly persuade your opponent. To win the round, you must land a headshot. The person who touches the other player's head wins the round. Use your keyboard to move your character. The most prominent aspect of the Random Game Series is the ability to make your characters jump. Use the up arrow and the "W" key to make the characters jump (for the second player). Another distinctive aspect of this enjoyable series is the changing background! You may enjoy a range of environments and objects while playing. You and your opponent may be competing in front of the sea, atop a mountain, or in a variety of other fantastic settings. Choose your game mode, your opponent, and try to have as much fun as you can! May the best player win and take home the trophy!

How to play

On tablets or mobile devices, use the Up Arrow and press W to control the game.