About Duo Vikings


Duo Vikings is a 2-player action-adventure game by 7Spot Games. You are accompanied by your friend to overcome countless challenges in the dangerous castle.

Duo Vikings take you to the magnificent castles of the olden times. For a long time, this place was not a place to bring peace and lightness. That's right, you will play as two powerful Viking warriors. A warrior with a small body but very agile. He has a neatly trimmed beard. But what impressed him most were his loving blue eyes which were also full of subtle observation. That's what you really need when participating in this game. He has a familiar weapon, a powerful hammer always in hand.

Besides, his teammates look more like real Viking warriors. Indeed, he has a muscular body with the Viksø helmet that he always wears on his head. Viksø has long been known as an indispensable characteristic of Viking warriors. His special weapon is a sturdy and large shield. When you are accompanied by your teammates, the road to glory is cut in half. Now you will start your adventure. It was the raid on the castle.

Initially, you will surely get used to the gameplay that Duo Vikings offers very quickly. Luxurious, splendid castles full of pearls and jewels but also full of thorns are waiting for you to conquer. It is that extremely magnificent appearance that hides countless unforeseen dangers inside. But it's not easy. Indeed, to get to the place where the treasure is hidden, you have to go through difficult obstacles. Now, the essence of the two-player game is brought into full play. The little guy has a hammer that can break anything. His small stature allows him to wriggle in tight spaces as well as fly flexibly. The big guy has a shield that can act as a jumping platform for his teammates. Furthermore, he can even use the shield as a real parachute. It's interesting that you can fly back with a heavy and stiff shield. Besides the obstacles as well as the situations that need to be calculated to solve the situation, at a higher level there are archery assassins who are always stalking our two warriors.

Fortunately, the big guy's shield was able to withstand their dangerous arrows. Furthermore, he can even protect his teammates when his friends hide behind his back. More specifically, when the big guy carrying his teammates was still able to withstand dangerous arrows. The interesting thing is that the little guy can even support his big teammates on his shoulders and act as a dance cushion for him.

With skilled skill, the story is now activating the devices and pressing the button to run the elevator. It is equally important to make use of available objects to facilitate movement. Make full use of teamwork and thinking to solve difficult situations at each level. In short, getting the ultimate reward together and appreciating to celebrate after each level is the best!

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Features of Duo Vikings

  • Unique graphics
  • Smart gameplay
  • Matching music
  • 2 player coordination

How to play

  • First Player Controls: A/D = Walk, W = Jump, S = hammer blow, Space = launch.
  • Controls for the second player: Left-Right ARROW = walk, Up Arrow = (clamping) - plan on the shield, R = Restart.