About Parkour Block 3D


Parkour Block 3D is a parkour game with 35 distinct levels. Use your skills to complete all levels and win this parkour game. Try it now to see how many points you get.

Reach the end

Parkour Block 3D's objective is simple. reach the end of the level. As you go through the game, it becomes harder to get to the purple doorway since the course gets harder.

Accept the difficulties.

Jumping is required to go over a series of varying size and distance platforms. However, you are allowed to attempt the level as many times as required until you succeed. Every redo gives you new information, and you could use that information to alter your plan for the next run.

Finish the game

There are 35 distinct levels in Parkour Block 3D. As you advance through the game, more difficult levels and swiftly moving platforms are introduced, making timing essential for success.

Parkour Block Advice

  • Know your largest and shortest jumps so that you can anticipate each step.
  • Keep your gaze downward as you jump so you can see the platform more clearly.
  • To succeed the following time, remember the difficult regions where you had trouble.
  • To avoid making snap judgments that impede your progress, play slowly and maintain your composure.

How to play

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Space to leap.
  • Run on L-Shift.
  • To see the menu, press Double Esc.