About Money Movers


Money Movers is a fantastic arcade game in which you have to control two brothers and help them find the exit in each of the levels. Have fun with this game!

You will participate in a robbery and you need to cooperate well with your teammates to successfully carry out this robbery. This game was launched to develop cooperation skills between players. If you want to relax and improve your interpersonal and teamwork skills, this game is ideal for you. In specially, this game is suitable for all ages. Therefore, you can invite your friends or relatives to play together.

The levels of Money Movers

There are many levels with unique challenges and difficulties. The challenge will also increase gradually through each level. Difficult challenges are waiting for you to conquer at high levels. Your mission is to find your money by cooperating with your brother. Overcome all topography and reach the exit destination. Try and see how many levels you can overcome!

Features of Money Movers

  • Exciting and simple gameplay
  • Various maps and levels
  • Improve teamwork skills

Overcome the challenges in Money Movers

In this game, you have to control and control 2 characters at the same time. You direct them to the exit in each level full of switches, laser beams, moving platforms, and so on. To be able to help this character out of the tunnel, you use the keys on the keyboard. You push the wooden boxes out of their place to make room for movement. These 2 characters must combine to find the way out because the game has created missions that require the cooperation of many people. This is a simple task, will you complete it? Play and have fun moments with this game.

How to control

  • WASD to move the little bro
  • Arrow keys to move the big bro