Penguin Diner


Prepare to run your own restaurants in Penguin Diner and clients who are penguins! Penny the lost penguin must work to acquire some cash so that she may return home. She thus secured a position as manager in a neighborhood diner. Can you assist her with waitressing because this is her first job in this field?

For Penny the broke penguin, a new age has begun! She eventually secured a position as a waitress at your eatery. You should assist her in learning the task and adjusting to it as a kind and considerate owner. Although it might be a little challenging to handle, if it works, you can get a substantial amount of advantage! As soon as the day begins, people will pour through your door, so get ready to wear out your legs! Click on the approaching customers, then click on the table of your choice to place them at a table. Then click on the customers to take their order after waiting till they pick what they want. You may view the completed order on the service table when it is ready. Get paid after serving the meal! Reach the desired income while redecorating the restaurant with your surplus funds! You will be switching to a different cafe after the tenth level in order to improve your success.

How to play

Playing this game requires a mouse.