About Geometry Dash Bloodbath


Geometry Dash Bloodbath is an adventure game that is highly addictive. Help the character get over challenges so they may return safely to the soul world.

In this game, you get the opportunity to join an interesting spirits trip. A few years ago, the spirits realized that their powers were dwindling. They made the decision to go back to their spirit home after spending a lot of time exploring the cosmos. They needed to find space portals that would take them back to their residences. The souls now go through the Bloodbath cosmic doorway. Due to the numerous dangers on the way, including spikes, monsters, and extremely high walls, the souls are unable to get back to their homes. They have tried several times and failed, but they have never given up. They persist in eliminating all dangers despite the Death God's objections.

Geometry Dash Bloodbath guidelines for combat

To dodge all dangers in this game, such as spikes, tall walls, monsters, and other things, one must jump or fly upward. They abound along the path. Remember that you will be returned to the beginning if you accidently run into them. Therefore, all you have to do to perfectly avoid any obstacle is maintain a high degree of attention, act quickly, and tap the screen at the right time. You may perform double jumps utilizing colorful jump pads and orbs while traveling. Numerous portals will also be encountered along the way. These portals will affect the way you seem. You can transform into a ball, wave, ship, cube, or other shape. No matter who you are, your ultimate objective is to arrive at your location safely. The progress meter at the top of the screen will show you how far you have come. One unique element of this game is the time scale in the top left of the screen. This function allows you to alter the character's speed. If you are just beginning to play this game, you should first practice by slowing down the character. When you are proficient in all of your skills, try out your speed. Let's see how much time you need to get there.

Dominant features

  • The game's difficulty setting is Extreme Demon.
  • Amazing audio and pictures
  • Two distinct kinds of games.
  • Various qualities.

How to play

Jump by tapping the screen. Hold down to continue leaping.