About Money Movers 2


Money Movers 2 is the next version of the Money Movers series. You have to collect all money on the map and reach the exit by cooperating with your brothers.

A Part Of Money Movers Series

The Money Movers series is one of the most popular series in the arcade category. At this moment, there are 2 versions for players to conquer. In particular, this game series is famous for two characters: big brother and small brother. You can invite your friends or relatives to enjoy yourself together. It's a plus point for this series.

After the success of the first volume, the Money Movers 2 game was released to bring players new adventures with 2 brothers. Are you ready to start this new journey?

Features of Money Movers 2

  • Exciting and simple gameplay with the 2-player mechanics.
  • Various maps and levels for you to experience.
  • Improve teamwork skills when controlling 2 characters at the same time.

The Tasks In This 2-Player Game

If you have played the Money Movers series, you will be familiar with this game. Money Movers 2 has the same missions as the first volume. Your task is still to steal all money on the maps and reach the exit to move to the next level. Remember that the two brothers are in different rooms. Move and proceed to the same exit.

Try your best and finish levels! However, the map of this version is more challenging and complex because there are dangerous obstacles and complicated structures. You and your brother can spend an amount of time completing each level.

This game is suitable for everyone, and it is designed for two players. Let's enjoy wonderful moments!

How to control Money Movers 2

  • Small brother: Use the AD keys to move and the W key to jump.
  • Big brother: Use the Left and right arrow keys to move and the Up arrow key to jump.