About Monkey Mart


Start Monkey Mart by controlling your monkey and operating your market. Can you develop it to become a supermarket? Or will you only work as an owner of a small mart? All success in this arcade game belongs to your calm.

Game Category

Instead of the fast-paced gameplay in Death Run 3D, the Monkey Mart game is a single-player idle arcade game with simple mechanics. All players can access this entertaining game easily on our website and enjoy it in their free time. It will be a wonderful way to entertain after a hard-working day.

Basic Game Rules

In the beginning, the Monkey Mart game will provide you with 35 dollars to open a mart. Let's use this money to equip necessary items, including the cash register for 10 dollars, the product display counter for 20 dollars, and the production place for 5 dollars. Let's grow bananas and sell fresh bananas to earn income. Use the money you earn to upgrade and grow your mart.

Upgrades In Monkey Mart

You should upgrade gradually. Start with upgrading your monkey to increase production. For example, your monkey can only collect 3 bananas initially. However, it is 4 bananas after the 1st upgrade. This number will increase based on the number of times you upgrade. Besides, you also need new outfits for your monkey.

After upgrading your character, you can proceed to open new item stalls. For instance, you can open a corn counter behind a banana stand. These new counters will bring more profit to you. Finally, remember to hire employees because you won't be able to do all the work once you expand your mart.