Money Movers Maker


Money Movers Maker is the new version of the Money Movers series in which you have to steal money while avoiding the detection of the police.

If you are a fan of the Money Movers series, you can be familiar with this special volume. In this game, you can participate in the game levels with the aim of stealing. Steal the money and treasures without being caught by the police and escape safely.

You can select to play each level alone or with a friend. Note that cooperation with friends can help you play games more easily, funner and improve your teamwork skills. Besides that, remember to collect all money on your path. You must pay attention to your surroundings and devise a strategy to fool the police so that you may complete your theft without incident. Best of luck!

Features of Money Movers Maker

  • New volume of the Money Movers series
  • Various levels wwith many different obstacles and maps
  • Collect money and avoid the detection of the police

How to play

Small character controls

  • AD to move
  • W to jump

Big character controls

  • Left and right arrow to move
  • Up arrow to jump