About Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby


Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby is an online racing and fighting game. You drive your car to fight against other formidable opponents to become the only survivor

You will be accompanied by your car to participate in air battles. The car along with the fatal crashes are the most powerful weapons you can own. After choosing for yourself the right car in the list of newly updated cars. Don't forget to upgrade your car with valuable elements such as nitro, armor protection as well as damage, or even increased steering power. Are you ready for the dramatic battles? Let's play the Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby game and get a thrilling experience.

Now you're sure to be satisfied with a brand new menu with cool features that run on the HTML5 platform and are extremely stable when playing.

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Some features of the Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby game

In this game, you will be racing with beautiful graphics. The dangerous tracks are based on the F1 tracks, so it will definitely give you an interesting experience. In addition, this game has a lively sound system. All these factors give you a real experience, you will feel like you are participating in real-life races. What are you waiting for without playing this exciting game?

Play Demolition Cartoon Car Crash Derby

It is the same as other racing games, you use the keys on the keyboard to control your car. You need to keep your car stable and moving far on the track. Your mission is to go far on the track and discover new land.

How to control

  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • Enter to un-flip the car
  • Space bar to use handbrake
  • C to change the camera
  • T to enter slow-motion