About Parkour Block 2


Parkour Block 2 is a brand-new leaping experience in the Parkour Block 3D sequel that excites enthusiasts! To avoid being touched by the lava, you must keep leaping. Being made of pixels does not make you invulnerable on this voyage. If you even slightly lose your balance, you're dead. Is everything clear? If so, then let's start this journey!

What is happening in this maze? You are in need of assistance since you are imprisoned below. But it won't really take place. You must find your way out on your own. There is no other way out; you can only leave by jumping through the platforms. If you fall, you die. Lava and flames have blanketed the earth. Where you want to be is at the purple gate. You need to be upbeat to make this happen! Even if you tumble into the lava, you should have the guts to start again. The WASD or keyboard arrows may be used to maneuver your character. Use the mouse to change the angle. Pressing the SPACE BAR will cause your character to jump. As you progress, the game's difficulty will likewise increase. When you're walking, be careful! Enjoy your game right now and good luck!

How to play

  • To leap, use SPACE BAR.
  • WASD or the arrow keys are used to move.
  • SHIFT is used to run.