About Bob the Robber 4


Bob The Robber 4 is the fourth version of the Bob The Robber series in which you have to steal a precious object and find the exit to turn to the next level. This version marks the return of this game series with new challenges and themes.

Some Other Information About Bob The Robber 4

This version has many features that are similar to other previous volumes. You can see some remarkable features below.

The game has exciting gameplay with many challenges and difficulties. In addition, it's designed with many levels for you to conquer. Honestly, the Bob The Robber 4 game has been suitable for enjoyment and relaxation. It helps you get rid of the boredom of a long workday. Have fun!

Requirements You Need To Know

As a thief, you need to enter the house and steal all objects in this Bob The Robber 4 game. Like the previous volume, you still need to avoid the detection of cameras and guards. Standing in shadow without moving helps you be invisible to cameras and guards. In addition, you also attack guards to make them faint for a short time. You can use your earned money to buy an advanced belt, the master key to open locked doors, and new items to support your trip.

There are many buildings for you to explore. Unlock all levels with unique challenges and difficulties! Try and enjoy!

How to control

  • Left and right arrow to move.
  • Up arrow to do action.

The requirements of the fourth edition are familiar to fans of this game series. However, only when you start to play this new one, you just know its unique features. In particular, on this journey, Bob will come to Paris which is famous for the Eiffel Tower and the secret buildings. Let's support Bob and explore new experiences.