About Big Tower Tiny Square 2


Big Tower Tiny Square 2 is the next volume of the Big Tower Tiny Square series. You have to save Pineapple by climbing the towers and overcoming all obstacles.

Big Tower Tiny Square 2's gamerules

Big Square stole your friend, Pineapple, and reconstructed the old Big Tower with traps and obstacles. As a tiny square, you need to rescue Pineapple. Get ready for revenge!

In this game, you need to ascend the Big Tower with the role of Tiny Square. Keep an eye out for any hazards and consider how you'll approach each new sector. There are plenty of dangers, obstacles, traps, and challenges, so you need to calm down to face these difficulties. Be so cautious when you decide to start this game!

Features of Big Tower Tiny Square 2

  • Exciting and fun gameplay
  • Rescue Pineapple
  • Various obstacles, traps and dangers

Base on the game's suggestions

During the game, other small squares will provide you with hints as you make your way to Pineapple's rescue. These suggestions are useful for you, they even can help you more understand about the game. Sometimes, when you meeting stucks in the game, it can help you deal with your problems. If you are a fan of puzzle game, Bob The Rob is also a game that is worth to try.

Experience Big Tower Tiny Square 2's maze

When taking part in this game, you can see that the tower seems to be a complicated maze. To reach the top of the tower for rescuing Pineapple, you need to overcome all the challenges in this maze. However, there are not only obstacles, but Big Tower Tiny Square 2 also provides you with supports so that you do not find the game boring. You can be helped by special blocks to fly, climb walls or even swim, etc.

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move and jump.