Hot Dog Bush


Prepare to make Hot Dog Bush's greatest hamburgers and hot dogs. The main surprise is not in this part. The funny thing is who will be preparing these hot dogs. There is going to be one of the most sudden career changes in history. And the only one who is uncertain is none other than George Bush. Are you ready to hear this tale from the source and discover more about the food industry?

Please come in full force! The next event is something that only occurs once in a lifetime. Former president George Bush has undergone a tremendous professional makeover. Would you care to speculate? No, we can't keep waiting. He intends to open a fast food establishment. That's amazing and a bit surprising, in our opinion. But shouldn't anyone pursue their interests? Everyone enjoys consuming quick food. They do, even though they won't admit it! In order to help him, you must prepare hot dogs and hamburgers to a high standard. There are two game modes, but you can't access the speed mode until you've made enough progress in the career mode. You need to earn a certain amount of money to complete each level in the career mode. When the client arrives, simply glance over the order and click on the items to start cooking it. Drag the ingredients to the counter and hand them to the customer.

How to play

You may use a mouse to play this game.