About Traffic Tour


Traffic Tour is racing game with other racing rivals. Option luxury sports car to race with the players. Get ready to make the dust fly in this fun driving game!

You will be transported into the heart of an exhilarating race in this stunning racing and driving game. The features you want to add to your car should be unlocked before you start. You can use the coins you already have or watch some paid advertisements to earn more coins to unlock new features like increased power, turbo speed, stronger brakes, etc. Thanks to the enjoyable 3D graphics, you can also see the car you designed from all angles. After that, decide if you want to try out free driving or compete against other cars, and select the game mode in accordance with your decision. If you think you have what it takes to be a good driver, keep your cool and try to use every mode.


  • Realistic visuals and a true racing experience
  • Picks for the greatest racing vehicles
  • In a multiplayer mode that is real-time, challenge other players.
  • Participate in 100 different online tasks, and get rewards by defeating your rivals.
  • Enjoy playing the 1V1 game with your buddies as you race cars.
  • Superb CRS (car racing system)

How to play

  • Use WADS to rotate the car
  • Press Shift to nitro
  • Press Esc to pause