About Revenge

Description Revenge is a game which play zombie shooting games of the highest quality. You will have to take up your weapons and fight against these zombies.

Deadly undead waiting to assault the city in droves. As a human fighter with boundless potential, you will have to take on the heroic role of defending the city. Zombies are scary and wicked! You are greatly outnumbered by the horde; one misstep could put you in a sticky situation! To protect yourself and win, you may maximize the use of all of your guns, shields, strength, ammo, drones, and other resources.


  • Defeat over a thousand creatures at once!
  • Use controls with one hand to clear the map!
  • New, completely unrestricted roguelite skill experience.
  • Experience the fervor of each new stage's varying challenges.

Hold the mouse button or your finger down on the screen as you move it about the areas, firing automatically at any zombie foes you come across to win coins for each one you take out. Use the cash you've earned to purchase new skins, but more crucially, new weapons and upgrades. By employing them to better manage the swarms of zombies, you may live longer each time you enter the infected metropolis.

How to play

  • PC controls: Move by using the mouse.
  • Smartphones and tablets controls: Touch the screen firmly and scroll.