About Bob The Robber 3


Bob The Robber 3 is the third volume of the Bob The Robber series. You have to enter the room to steal pages to find secret services. Explore and enjoy!

In this version, Bod receives a letter from the top secret service. With ultimate equipment, he starts a new journey to secret places in a hidden forest. Let's support your character in this mission full of dangers.

Comparison With The Original Edition

This second installment has many similar features to the first Bob The Robber game. Coming to the game, you can enjoy exciting single-player gameplay and experience through each level. However, there is a new location for you to discover.

How to control Bob The Robber 3

  • AD or left/right arrow to move.
  • W or up arrow to interact.

These control buttons are not strange because they are the same as the previous volume. Let's master these keys before starting your trip.

Details About The Game

Tasks In Bob The Robber 3

Your mission in this game is still to steal precious things, in particular, pages, and find the exit to escape the room. However, you are not a hero who takes from the rich to give to the poor like in the Bob The Robber version in the first part. In this volume, you encounter a strange woman who hires you to find the secret service. Are you ready to discover research objects of scientists? Play this game!

Ways To Avoid Challenges

In order to beat the Bob The Robber 3 game, you need to avoid the detection of cameras, scientists, and guards. Note that standing in the shadows without moving, you can become invisible to cameras, scientists, and guards. Don't let the scientist press the alarm buttons.

All these challenges will increase the level of difficulty after each level. The higher level you come to, the more challenging to complete.