About Stealing The Diamond


Stealing The Diamond is an exciting stickman game in which you have to steal diamonds by overcoming all protecting barriers. Let's start this game and see!

As the name of this game says, your mission is to steal a giant diamond. This is truly a life-changing opportunity. You have to make decisions to make your missions in stealing. Will you decide to rush in risk or try to sneak your way to the diamond? If you have any wrong steps, you are without the diamond, and it is even more terrifying. You have many types of equipment to equip for the stealing trips in Stealing The Diamond. Select carefully, and don't be caught! Good luck!

This game is appreciated for everyone who is looking for a way to relax and release stress. Let's try and enjoy!

How to control

Use left mouse button to play game

How to win in Stealing The Diamond

Try your best in the game

The theft is considered successful only when Henry scales all of the security guards' barriers, approaches the diamond, and takes the stolen object to safely escape the pursuit. Players will need a little more luck to accomplish this, in addition to quick wits and smart actions. Let's see how many attempts you make to steal the diamond fail!

Make your choice wisely

When it comes to displaying such a valuable item, the museum is also extremely secure, and theft is extremely difficult. Henry has two options for breaking into the museum which are frontal assault or stealth. Whatever path he takes, he will receive a plethora of support items to help him along the way. In Stealing The Diamond, each has a different purpose, but the effect they have does not always what you expect. Failure can strike suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving players in stitches.