About Duo Survival 2


Duo Survival 2 is the sequel to the story about the amazing adventure of father and son in search of life. You will join them to overcome new challenges.

In some uncertain future, our beautiful earth may become unrecognizable. Life is only fragile and those who win life in the battle are not necessarily the winners. Biological weapons experiment inhumanely. And then a virus emerged. Very quickly, the population of the world infected with the disease increased unbelievably fast. Ghost cities appear more and more. The exposure time is as long as a few days or even a week. In addition, there are individuals that are mutant and extremely dangerous.

Now, the phenomenon of big zombies bullying and attacking little zombies happens more and more. But the most attractive target of the zombies is still ordinary people who have not been infected with the disease. They were forced to hide in their own city. People who were only recently friends and family are now dangerous monsters that need to be destroyed. Famine torments the zombies and they become more frenzied than ever. The situation couldn't be direr.

How to play Duo Survival 2?

In Duo Survival 2, reluctantly you will have to play alone and control both characters at the same time. However, play with your friends, that's what this game is all about. Let's accompany the father and daughter to escape from the epidemic. Rumors of an antidote spread further and further. Father and son, in addition to hiding from the zombies, are also looking for a precious antidote. Now, the lives of the father and son's friends and relatives depend on whether or not they can find an antidote.

Play 2-player mode at the same time to enjoy the game in the right way. Two characters with different amazing skills. The father is extremely strong and the daughter is very smart. The father also knows how to swim, break walls and most importantly, chase away ghosts. The petite daughter can easily wriggle through narrow crevices and has a great talent for throwing objects.

Once again, a dangerous and exciting road is waiting for you to explore. That's where you not only have to avoid all the dangers but also have to complete those sentences and situations on each level. Please discuss with your partner and come up with the most suitable solution. That is the meaning of the game: stay united, because unity is the power to win.

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Features of Duo Survival 2

  • Beautiful 2D graphics
  • 20 new challenges
  • Tactical gameplay
  • Join 2 players at the same time

How to play

Player 1:

  • Move: "W, A, S, D"
  • Attack: "S"

Player 2:

  • Move: "ARROW KEYS"
  • Attack: "DOWN ARROW KEY"