About Spider Doll


Spider Doll is an exciting and fun action and adventure game inspired by the Spiderman game. Your mission is to control a spiderman to shoot spider silk to run.

Join the challenges of Spider Doll

Welcome to the world of adventure of spiderman! Are you a fan of spiderman? This game is ideal for you to relax and release stress. Starting this game, You can see various game modes. Story mode lets you play in easy, normal, and difficult levels to practice spiderman's skills, while endless mode helps you experience infinite adventure in cities at night. Besides that, you can participate in tutorial courses to train necessary skills before starting official races.

Conquer Spider Doll

Complete mission

Your mission is to use spider silk to move from one building to another building. Move as far as possible. In the beginning, the gameplay can be challenging to you, but it's so attractive and exciting after you get all skills of this game. Practice and challenge yourself!

Use the power of Spiderman in the game

You are too familiar with the image of the superhero Spiderman will be able to save the world. In Spider Doll, you can also use his powers to rescue your friend. Spider silk that shoots from your wrist can not only help you swing from building to building. It can also be a weapon for you to attack and destroy all enemies. They have guns, cannons, they have a lot of teammates, but you are alone with your spider web. Therefore, be very careful, don't let your HP bar run out. Start your journey to find and rescue your friend in Spider Doll!

Enjoy Spider Doll

Features of Spider Doll

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Various game modes
  • Cool graphics and art animations

How to play

  • Left/Right Mouse button to swing
  • Space bar + Left Mouse Button to shoot