About Bob the Robber 2


Bob The Robber 2 is the next volume of the Bob The Robber series in which you have to save the town by stealing the bad guys while avoiding cameras and guards.

Bob The Robber 2's gameplay

It's been a long time since you had free time. You read the newspaper and find out that your town is in danger. This game creates an opportunity for you to become a hero by stealing. Yes, steal. You don't mishear. You need to enter every building to steal precious objects. This work is not easy because there are many guards and cameras. Avoid their detection. After exploring all corners of the building, you can turn to the next levels. Each level has unique challenges and difficulties. Let's start and show yourself!

You can also visit Bob The Robber to experience the feeling of successfully performing Bob's first heist right in episode 1 of the series.

Features of Bob The Robber 2

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Many challenges and difficulties
  • Level up

Bob The Robber 2's threats

Whether you can explore every nook and cranny of the houses depends on whether you can overcome all the challenges of the game. However, the houses in Bob The Robber 2 contain a lot of valuable assets, so they are protected very strictly by guards, security robots, security cameras. The doors are also locked and guarded with a pass.

Tips for you when joining the game

Although there are many difficult challenges, but to conquer this game, I will give you some tips to make it easier to complete the task. In Bob The Robber 2, you can become invisible while standing still in the shadow. Then the security camera can't detect you either. In addition, when unfortunately encountering security guards, or in necessary cases, you can also knock them out to continue your mission.


  • AD or left/right to move
  • Up or down arrow to interact
  • Space bar to knock-out a guard