About Electron Dash


Electron Dash is a astronaut racing game that is both thrilling and challenging. In order to live the longest, navigate platform obstacles and gather hearts.

Thank you for visiting Electron Dash, where you may pass the time watching frantic races. You won't be let down by the features of this game. You have a fantastic experience with all of the game's features. One of these elements may have been present in prior games you've played. But it's uncommon to find a game that combines as many remarkable features as this one does. Let's get this game going so we can enjoy these important features!

Stunning aspects of this running game

  • Easy Controls.
  • The easy method of getting into the game.
  • Enticing gameplay.
  • Excellent effects and visuals.

Several things you should know

  • The game will end if you run into the red barrier.
  • Take note of the platforms. Watch out for harmful backdrops with strong blue hues.
  • To live, you must collect red hearts.
  • To safely reach the intended platform, you must time the leap correctly.

The leaderboard allows you to keep track of your accomplishments and those of other players. The scoreboard by day, week, month, and overall will show the best accomplishments. Check out the leaderboard to see how you did compared to other players. Try to get your name on this outstanding leaderboard after that. Let's do it straight now.

How to play

To move, use the arrow keys or left and right. To jump, press W or the upper key. Stop using the SPACEBAR key.