About ZOOM-BE 3


ZOOM-BE 3 is a fascinating and engaging sequel to the story of two boys Zoom and Be. We've been with them through the previous two versions. And now, they're back on the adventure with even more excitement.

This version of ZOOM-BE 3 is an outstanding continuation of the series that tells the exciting adventures of two close friends. Both of them have very simple backgrounds. However, just because of the evil plot of the evil narrator, the two of them became reluctant experiment subjects. Being turned into a ghost inadvertently increases both of them's strength and technique.

However, each has its own special characteristics. That is used to the fullest on their exciting adventure. The escape from the test room seemed to be the endpoint. but these are the starting point of countless difficulties and challenges that are far more dangerous. While hiding in the streets of the town, they must find their way to where the antidote is. The desire to return to being a normal human was always burning in the minds of the two boys. However, the evil people did not let go of our two poor boys. The trap has been set. What's more, new tests are well thought out. The mad scientists were just waiting for the two boys to fall into the trap. Can the prey escape the encirclement?

How to play ZOOM-BE 3?

The game starts with easy puzzles and situations. However, through the rounds, the difficulty of the puzzles as well as the situation becomes much more stringent. Now, the advantage of playing 2 players is clearly shown. You and your partner think and act wisely together to overcome difficult challenges. Don't forget to take advantage of each guy's special skills. Zoom can break solid walls or Be can jump high and dodge skillfully. The two boys have complementary skills and become a united and versatile team. However, it takes reasonable control to overcome the challenge.
Don't forget to earn 3 stars in each level. Let's accompany Zoom and be to the end of the road. Glory is always for those who are persistent and clever!

Don't worry, we are with Bob the Robber always full of games for you.

Features of ZOOM-BE 3

  • Brand new challenge
  • Captivating game
  • Fascinating storyline
  • 2 players cooperate

How to play

  • Move - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys
  • Jump - W or Up arrow key
  • Kick - S or Down arrow key
  • Start level over - R