About ZOOM-BE 2


ZOOM-BE 2 is the sequel to the story of two friends named Zoom and Be. They continue to be together on their new path. Now, getting out of the lab is not an escape.

Indeed, the story of two extremely kind boys has not stopped. Only when they were transformed into ghosts did they escape from the stuffy laboratory. But the adventure did not stop. They need to get to the power plant located in the tallest building in town to find a way to detox. And the road from the lab door to the skyscraper is a conquest. The story is even more interesting when the adventures of the 2 guys don't stop at only one city. The adventure has now returned to its true form.

How to play?

When participating in the game ZOOM-BE 2, you must pay attention to passing each level of the game. We judge that this game is played with 2 people at the same time is the best. Please join your friends. The game will definitely be more exciting than ever. Moreover, solidarity and consensus are also decisive factors for you to complete the puzzles that the game offers. The two guys have different looks and personalities. However, it is very reasonable compensation. The narrow gaps that need to be overcome are Be's job. And when challenges need strength and determination, Mr. Zoom will take over perfectly.

Play it that way and go through dangerous mazes, eliminating thugs along the way. It is equally important to calculate when, how, and where to stand and operate mechanisms, buttons, or elevators. Let's go together at all costs to the exit door of each game. Let's go together when possible.

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Features of ZOOM-BE 2

  • Brand new map
  • Interesting game
  • Many levels
  • 2 players co-op

How to play

  • Move - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys
  • Jump - W or Up arrow key
  • Kick - S or Down arrow key
  • Start level over - R