Worm Hunt - Snake Game IO Zone


Worm Hunt - Snake Game IO Zone is a game that changes as you eat worms and other stickers, hunt for unique boosters, and keep going as the circle gets smaller! Follow and do activities to earn money and gems between games! Let's get you ready for your first match!

You'll like the variety of play options and customization options in this game! The basic survival rule in every mode is the same: eat as much food as you can without hurting other players. You have five minutes to get to the summit in the first mode. To win the unending battle game, when there are other players, you must outweigh them. To get extra gems, you compete in the third option. Anything beyond the limits dies in all three cases as the arena becomes smaller over time. Larger worms may try to surround you or advance swiftly in your direction, obstructing your path and putting you at danger of colliding with them. In these collisions, the player is eliminated and turned into worm food for the survivors. Beat other worms, put on weight, and accomplish special goals to earn more. Boost your worm's stats to become unbeatable, discover new delicacies, and don different character skins! Don't forget to check daily for incentives!

How to play

You can use your mouse to play this game.