About Robbers in Town


Robbers in Town is an extremely fun and engaging action game with dual control gameplay. You must control both robbers on the way to escape.

Two despicable robbers escaped from the dungeon together. On the run, they steal anything they come across on the way. Your job is to control both of them at the same time to avoid all obstacles on the way. Controlling only 1 character was difficult, now you have to control up to 2 characters in this game.

You have to try to avoid all the obstacles and at the same time collect as much loot as possible. The reward achieved after each level is 3 precious stars. The oak barrels and dynamite blocks along the way are the most dangerous of all. Jumping over them with 1 is simple, but it's good to do it with 2 bandits. Your level will soon be advanced to higher levels. Experience it now!

You can stop by Bob The Robber to discover more of the feeling of successfully carrying out the equally thrilling heist of the thief named Bob in the first episode of that legendary thief series.

Features of Robbers in Town

  • Two thieves with a different control
  • Must concentrate and control both of them at the same time
  • Many obstacles along the way
  • 16 levels to finish
  • Intuitive controls

How to play

  • Right-click or right arrow key to make the right robber jump
  • Left-click or left arrow key to make the left robber jump