About Red Ball Bounce


Red Ball Bounce is a jump game where you must guide the red ball to the star coins while avoiding dangerous traps and answering tricky riddles.

Jump and sprint to save your love in Jumping Ball Puzzle adventure games! The wicked minions should flatten the globe into a square. The situation may be saved thanks to red bounce ball. Past a perilous factory, you must roll and hop your way through enemies and avoid deadly laser beams. Have you have what it takes to keep things balanced in the world? Use the arrow keys to move the red bounce ball in the direction of his goal while being cautious to obliterate every star in your way. Watch out for the bad folks! Leap on them is fantastic. Being hit in the corner is not. The red rollerball moves over a mechanical wasteland as it bounces, hops, and rolls! Your objective is to collect stars as you eliminate each evil square. There are several places where you may find deadly moving lasers. To safely go through each area, roll with the greatest precision!

Tips to play:

  • To roll the ball, use the arrow keys to move right and left. When you press the up arrow key to hop the ball, you'll be astounded by the Red bounce ball's skill at rolling and jumping.
  • Use the down arrow to prevent the ball from bouncing in front of potentially dangerous obstacles.
  • Roll the ball and get the required number of yellow stars.
  • Track down the mysterious entrance so you may advance the balls one at a time.

How to play

Arrow keys are used to move.