Imposter Expansion Wars


Imposter Expansion Wars is an online invasion game where players command their own armies and swiftly encroach onto those of their opponents.

With the imposters and crewmates from Among Us Games, Imposter Expansion Wars is one of the best mixtures of strategy and war games. You are about to embark on a fresh experience that you should not miss for everything in the world, since nothing like to this has ever been brought to the genre.

How do you succeed? Your approach in this game must take into account numbers, counting, and mathematics since, like most other battles, real or imagined, this one is won by numbers. Move your pretend army from one tower to the next using the mouse to find the best route through the most people.

To increase the number of soldiers you have, you may move them around your own towers. Once you have more soldiers than an enemy tower, you can attack it to take out its defenders. Because of their greater numbers, your attackers will succeed against you if they have more imposters.

Each mission's map will be more difficult than the one before it, so concentrate, give it your best, and win. If not, try again; we're certain that it will work out better this time.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.