Garden Tales 3


Garden Tales 3 is a game designed by match-3 game. Discover a ton of incentives and bonus delicacies by lining up the fruit in lines and along the way. SoftGames originally made this game accessible in February 2019. It was later released as an HTML5 online game on September 17, 2021. Azerion was the one who made it. Once you've completed this one, don't forget to play Garden Tales 2! The fundamentals of the puzzle game remain the same, but there are many brand-new puzzles to be found on a brand-new game area.

In this Bejeweled game, explore the charming Gnome Garden setting. You can solve match-3 puzzles by exchanging two neighboring fruit pieces. Each exchange must result in a mixture of three or more of the same kind.

Combinations of four or more result in the production of bombs and unique bonus items. When utilizing the fruit with the luminous circles around them, an entire row or column will be eliminated. assemble fruit baskets and wealth-enhancing trinkets. Remove the dirt and ice patches to keep the plants blooming.

The widely awaited third sequel has more than 3,000 incredible levels. By gathering flowers, fruit, and mushrooms, you may assist your gnome friend Willy in keeping the magical garden free of weeds. The extras get colder the more similar flowers and fruits you combine. Turn on the well-known catchy soundtrack and enjoy the best Match 3 game.

How to play

Press and hold the left mouse button to swap items.